Image Of The Month - December 2014

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I love New York City, so I jumped at the chance to do an intensive 4-day photo workshop with National Geographic, in the Big Apple. It was a wonderful few days of eating, sleeping and breathing photography. A typical day would be one or two photo assignments in some specified part of the city, interspersed with classroom reviews, critiques and lectures on composition, lighting, color and so on.

The workshop was for the most part, much more about the photographer's eye - the act of "seeing" the pictures you wanted to create, rather than the technical aspects of photography (exposure, focal length etc.). We did however have a wonderful lighting seminar, live on location on New York's famous High Line - an elevated green space that runs through the heart of Manhattan, repurposed from an old elevated railway line.

The image shown here was captured on the observation deck of the Rockerfeller Center at sunset. With the magnificent manhattan skyline spread out before you, it is difficult not to just stand at the guard rail and rattle off in your excitement,  a couple of hundred almost identical shots of skyscrapers and lights against the background sunset. Nice those these images are, the workshop instructors challenged us to find some alternative viewpoints and it struck me that the form of this telescope and its stippled metal surface, would make for a very interesting subject. I did of course manage to get some of that famous skyline and sunset in the background :-)

Please note that due to location copyright restrictions at the Rockerfeller Center, I am unable to offer prints of this image.

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