Image Of The Month - August 2014

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Image Of The Month - August 2014

Coastal Maine is a region that is very dear to my heart. My wife and I honeymooned there and every summer we rent a house up there with our extended family and basically just hang out on the beach. One of the things that I love about the region is the often dramatic maritime climate that can can turn on a dime, creating unusual weather conditions and some wonderful photographic opportunities. 

In this photograph captured at Saco Harbor in Southern Maine, a coastal fog had rolled in off the ocean and was staying close to the ground. Above this fog, it was a beautiful, bright summer day which created this wonderful, other-worldly light in which the landscape seemed almost like a painting or a mirage. Several times while I was shooting, the fog would thin a little and the sun would suddenly break through making the scene much clearer and brighter just for a few seconds until the fog rolled in again.

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