Vintage Cape Ann

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I recently had a great photo shoot around Cape Ann- fantastic weather and lots of shots of old boats in various stages of repair. The place has such a wonderful nostalgic feel that I decided to give some of my images a retro vibe that I feel really suits the mood of the subject.

Cape Ann is a rocky spur of land - a part of Massachusetts that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to some iconic New England locations like Gloucester, the fishing port made famous worldwide by the novel and the movie "The Perfect Storm". Full of old settlements and fishing communities, Cape Ann has a particular kind of nostalgic atmosphere and romance to it that I have tried to bring out with the retro look and feel that I have given these photographs.

The kind of faded, retro look in some of these photographs is courtesy of the Photomorphis Retroluxe Vintage library of presets applied in post processing usng OnOne's Perfect Effects 8 photo processing software. You can see check out my review of the excellent Photomorphis preset libraries if you're interested in creating effects like these, and if you would like prints of any of these images, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me via the contact page.

Update - October 1st 2014: There is now a gallery of full size images of the Vintage Cape Ann Image Collection.

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