Image Of The Month - March 2015

March 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This month's image is a portrait I captured in Manhattan's Chinatown, during a photographic workshop I did with National Geographic in New York City. The workshop was an intense but very enjoyable experience in which all of us got to eat, sleep and breathe photography for a few days. A typical day would be a photo shoot in the morning, followed by afternoon classes with critiques of our work. There was a lot of pressure to produce and knowing that your photographs would be viewed and critiqued by the instructors and the whole class, was certainly motivation to try to bring your 'A' game.

The opportunity for this photograph presented itself as I was walking past a Chinatown restaurant window. It was a beautiful, bright sunny morning so there was a huge contrast between the intense exterior light and the relatively dim light of the restaurant interior. The street reflections on the window were interesting, but in order to be able to bring out the figure of the Chinese chef and the restaurant interior, I needed to use my body to shield the light in that central area of the frame. If you look closely at the shadowed area around the central figure, you can actually make out some of the details of my arms and my coat, and you see the round silhouette of my lens hood on the camera.

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