Image Of The Month - April 2015

April 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Last year (2014), I had the good fortune to get to photograph the Lemax farm, a Vermont landmark that was previously photographed for the iconic FSA library of images of rural American life in the 1920s and 1930s. The goal of the FSA was to bring public attention to the problem of poverty in rural America during that period. The photographs I took for the Friends of Lemax Farm, were also captured in the name of a good cause - the restoration of this historic landmark to its former glory. Thanks to the dedicated and excellent work of the Friends of Lemax Farm, the campaign has actually outstripped its initial fundraising goals, raising almost $100,000 which will enable the expensive but much-needed restoration work to start this year.

I took this photograph of a workshop on the Lemax Farm, during one of my visits to the farm to photograph its buildings for the campaign. I feel that there's a unique kind of personal intimacy in these working spaces. As seemingly cluttered, chaotic and dysfunctional as they outwardly appear, they are often highly functional and productive places for their owners, in which everything has its place, even if that place is defined more by reference to the other things around it than by the organizing principle of a draw, hook or cubby. Much like the personalities of the hardworking and ractical people who create and use them, function is prized over form. It may not look pretty (to most), but it gets the job done. I personally find these spaces fascinating and beautiful and I aim to include more of them in my photographic work over the next year or so.

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