Can you help me with a new photo project I'm doing?

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I'm starting a new photography project to photograph people's workspaces like the one shown here. I took this photograph at a farm in rural Vermont, and when I look at it and others like it in my portfolio, I am struck by the extent to which these kinds of workspaces reflect the personalities of the people who create and use them, and their approach to their work. 

I've seen outwardly cluttered and chaotic workspaces in which there is nevertheless, an underlying system in which everything has its place, albeit perhaps only for the one person who really uses it. Shared spaces used by multiple people, typically require more organization, so that everybody can find stuff, and therefore they tend to look tidier and more generic.

What I'm really interested in finding are workspaces with personality, like the one shown above.

So I would like to ask any of you who live in New England if you are familiar with any unique and interesting workspaces like the one shown here. They don't need to be industrial or mechanical in nature - office spaces or creative spaces can be similarly fascinating if they reflect the personalities of the people who use them. If it's a mess or organized, that's fine, so long as the space has an interesting vibe like the one shown here. 

In return, I will provide each person who lets me photograph their workspace, with a beautiful print of the final photograph, to thank them for it.

So if you have or know of an interesting and/or unusual workspace, perhaps in a business, a factory, a farm or an office, somewhere in New England ...

... and you would be willing to let me come and photograph it, please shoot me an email: and if you have a picture of the space (even a small one taken with a cellphone for example), please include that as well.

And keep an eye out on this blog for postings of the pictures as the project progresses.

Many Thanks


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