"Everything is ceremony in the wild garden of childhood" - Pablo Neruda

I love to photograph children.

As a father of two little boys myself, I am constantly fascinated by the rich world of play and imagination that they inhabit. I find that being a parent rekindles my own childhood memories and feelings, and as a photographer I try to channel those emotions into my work when I'm photographing children. Beyond the typical, posed studio portrait of the child, there is a wonderful drama and intensity to childhood that I try to capture in the images I create.

Like all children, my own like to dress up and play the roles of their favorite characters from books and movies, or to sail the oceans in a discarded cardboard box - and I'm especially fond of photographing children engaged in these imaginative role-playing games.

So if my portrait style resonates with you and you're interested in getting some beautiful and memorable portraits of your children, contact me today for my rates and to schedule a photo shoot at my location or yours.


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